New science challenges from the 2021 SWARM+SCIENCE workshop

The 2021 SWARM+SCIENCE workshop, successfully held on 28–29 June, brought together ESA experts and the Swarm community to discuss the most relevant results of recent ESA projects in the context of magnetosphere – ionosphere – lower atmosphere interactions and to identify the main open questions to be addressed in coming years.

The Agency is pleased to announce the availability of the Workshop Summary and Recommendations report, which describes in detail the main scientific challenges to be tackled by ESA in future studies.

In particular, the new science hot topics described in the report relate to:

  • better characterization of the geomagnetic quiet ionosphere;
  • asymmetries between the two hemispheres;
  • investigation of Plasmaspheric Plumes with Swarm data;
  • a new model about small-scale fluctuations / irregularities / turbulence / Alfvén waves;
  • a new model for Loss-of-Lock (LOL) of GNSS signals;
  • improving the existing ionospheric models with Swarm data;
  • a new multi-mission, multi-directorate, and multi-agency collaboration.