RACE Dashboard Challenges 2021: stay tuned for upcoming opportunities

After the first two monthly challenges – challenge #1 on how the pandemic affected the logistics/supply chain and related air and water quality, and challenge #2 on combining socio-economic indicators into a single impact metric – new flexibility will be added for the upcoming opportunities.

Note down in your calendar the next window for submission of proposals: it will be open as from 1 September 2021 and last for three months, with deadline on 01 December.

The range of themes you may cover will be wider, encompassing the well-known ones from the first two challenges, a new challenge on pandemic recovery and a wildcard option.

Full details on the opportunity will be available on these pages as from one month before the opening date so you will have plenty of time to brainstorm and collect background information before diving into the technical work.

Remember that:

  1. this will be an opportunity for anyone, regardless of the background: there is no specific requirement to comply with, no complicate procedure to participate and submit ideas
  2. your contribution will be economically rewarded: up to 11K euros!
  3. by participating, you may gain large public visibility at EU level: both ESA and EU will promote successful proposals
  4. participation of small interdisciplinary teams (e.g. coder, EO/geo-information expert, thematic specialist) is welcome and encouraged
  5. when applying you will get free access to dedicated tutorial materials, as well as science and engineering support to develop your idea
  6. any little contribution might be a precious one in the path towards the post-pandemic.

While waiting for the next opportunity details and opening dates, start a conversation and identify potential team-mates by using the #race_dashboard_challenge and #eodash hashtags on social media.

And if you are planning to attend this year’s Phi-week on 11-15 October, don’t miss out the RACE related side event, showcasing success stories from challenge participants and the tutorials on Euro Data Cube use for responding to the ongoing and future challenge opportunities.