Upscaling Euro Data Cube COVID-19 script contest winners ideas to feature on the European dashboard

In just a few weeks we have already received some great ideas and see that a large community can contribute significantly with this tool – a BIG THANKS for that !!!

The European Space Agency (ESA), in coordination with the European Commission, has decided to offer an additional opportunity for some selected ideas by European contributors: if the idea is evaluated as suitable by ESA’s jury, authors will be given the resources to demonstrate that the idea can be upgraded to full European scale and integrated in a common portal,  presenting that dashboard-like information for decision makers – covering the European countries – can be derived from the idea; “simply” using open and free Copernicus resources on the Euro Data Cube.

What will be made available to you?

Your idea might already have won a weekly or monthly prize. We will top up this price with:

  • A free training on Euro Data Cube tools relevant for this opportunity
  • A 6-months Enterprise L subscription for EDC Sentinel Hub
  • Free use of additional Euro Data Cube tools and processing for the opportunity

What can you gain?

Well, first of all you can promote and scale up your idea to highest levels and gain maximum visibility…  Who knows what can happen then and who could get interested to integrate this into an operational information chain… Then there is a potential impact that you could have to European policies.

To make it even more interesting and recognize your effort, there will be additional prizes:

  • A super-prize of 10.000 Euro for the best contribution
  • Three additional prizes of 5.000 Euro for best thematic contributions

Last but not least: the deadline

Every mid-of-month you should be able to demonstrate the progress of your dashboard with increasing coverage. This will eventually be shared by the Jury with stakeholders from the European Commission. Final deadline will be mid-July, where the dashboard has to cover a significant part of ESA/EU member states.

Prize selection will then be performed by end July – may the best contribution win!!!