Sargassum think tank in Guadeloupe

The first ever Sargassum International Conference is taking place on October 24 to 26 at the World Trade Center Complex in Jarry, City of Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe.

This is a conference and expo where over 50 entities, including delegations from Caribbean countries, multilateral organizations and companies exploring a variety of technological approaches to sargassum seaweed monitoring, collecting and recycling phases meet to find joint solutions to massive increase of sargassum rafts impacting the coastal territories of the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Earth observation services are part of the picture, with the operational capability to detect sargassum and forecast their drift using optical and radar satellite sensors, covering the entire Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico regions developed within the EO science for society open call Sargassum monitoring service project.

Read more about it on eco (environment coastal & offshore) magazine.


Featured image : Sargassum raft in the Caribbean. Photo courtesy of  Mark Yokoyama