A collaboration on Polar science just kicked-off

Polar regions are undergoing major and drastic changes with significant impact at global scale. Addressing this unique set of global challenges will require more than ever that scientists advance their understanding of the different drivers governing changes in Polar regions, its associated processes and its potential impacts and translate that knowledge into solutions for society, policy advice and effective mitigation and adaptation strategies.

This will require a significant collaborative effort and an integrated approach to science where the synergistic use of EO satellite data, in-situ and citizen observations, advanced modelling capabilities, interdisciplinary research and new technologies will be essential elements.

The ESA Polar Science Cluster aims at contributing to this objective, promoting networking, collaborative research, and fostering international collaboration. It involves different ESA funded projects and activities bringing together different expertise, data and resources in a synergistic manner ensuring that the final result may be bigger than the sum of the parts.

With this approach ESA wants to contribute to establish a stronger European Polar research area in close collaboration with the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation and other European and international partners.

To put words into action, in the coming months ESA is planning a number of activities and opportunities to bring the cluster to life as part of the new ESA’s FutureEO programme.

For more information about the ESA Polar Science Cluster, the on-going projects and the coming opportunities, please, visit the dedicated page.