New version of the ESA SNAP toolbox published

Version 7.0 of the popular ESA SNAP toolbox (over 380k downloads) has been published.

This version includes bug fixes, improvements and several new features as:

  • New readers: AATSR L1 data in SAFE format, S-1 on AWS, RCM products, PAZ, ICEYE, RISAT-1, ALOS-2 in GeoTiff, Kompsat-5 in GeoTiff, MUSCATE, Landsat L2, Landsat ESA products, Pleiades, WorldView1-3, IKONOS, ALOS AVNIR2-PRISM
  • Allows disabling the automated access to remote auxiliary data. Needed in cluster environments without internet access.
  • Terrain Correction of ALOS-1 from ESA On the fly products
  • Automatic orbit download via QC Rest API
  • Smart configurator enhancements
  • Graphical User Interface for Remote Execution

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