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Forestry exploitation platform (F-TEP)

The F-TEP offers on-line processing services and tools to generate value-added forest information products


The F-TEP serves commercial, governmental and research users in the forestry sector. It enables easy access to satellite data from any global location. The platform offers on-line processing services and tools to generate value-added forest information products. Via the platform, the users can also create and share their own processing services, tools and products.

The platform offers pre-processed optical and radar data from the Sentinel satellites of the EU Copernicus programme, as well as data from other instruments. In addition, ancillary data and third party data are made available. Versatile satellite image analysis and GIS software can be used through the platform. Easy to use push-button functionalities provide simple value added products such as vegetation indices. Other readily programmed services include computation of forest and land cover maps, change maps, and continuous forest variables such as growing stock volume.