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MOOC on data science and cloud computing for EO: “Cubes and Clouds”

MOOC on EO Cloud computing, open science, and earth system data science.


👨🏫 Our brand-new and free course “Cubes and Clouds” is now available on EO College 👉

👨💻 The course targets Earth Science students and researchers who want to increase their technical capabilities in EO computing, and Data Scientists who want to dive into the world of EO and apply their technical background to a new field.

☁️ The course explains the concepts of data cubes, EO cloud platforms, and open science by applying them to a typical EO workflow from data discovery, and data processing up to sharing the results in an open and FAIR way.

💻 Developed by EURAC Research, EOX, Jonas Eberle, and Ignite Education, the content is transmitted in an engaging mixture of videos, animated content, lectures, hands-on exercises, and quizzes.

The course is structured into three lessons. Each one builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous lessons. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Concepts
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Processing and Sharing


Upon finishing the course you will receive a certificate of completion, stating which content the user completed.

As proof of the acquired skills a community snow cover map is created where every participant contributes and shares his results openly and FAIR:  Cubes and Clouds: Snow Cover STAC Collection