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ESA Atmospheric Toolbox

A tool for ingesting, processing, and analyzing atmospheric remote sensing data


The Basic ENVISAT Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT) project is an open source software for scientific analysis of atmospheric EO data.

The primary instruments supported by BEAT are Tropomi (Sentinel-5P), GOME-2 and IASI (MetOp), OMI, TES and MLS (Aura), GOMOS, MIPAS, and SCIAMACHY (ENVISAT), and GOME (ERS-2).

The tool consists of several components, with the main components being CODA (allows direct reading access to product data, supporting a very wide range of products), HARP (toolset for ingesting, processing and inter-comparing satellite or model data against correlative data), and VISAN (cross-platform visualization and analysis application for atmospheric data using Python). These components are made available by means of several software packages.


Current Version
3.20 (VISAN)
Released on
Operating System
Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows