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Space for International Development Assistance

Learn how Earth Observation is used in a wide range of real-world sustainable development and development assistance activities across the globe.


Launched March 13th, 2023.

This mini-MOOC will look at how Earth Observation (EO) data can be used for International Development Assistance (IDA). Imperative Space, commissioned by ESA, has created this MOOC  in cooperation with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and client countries.

The MOOC will teach you how EO data, applications, and capabilities are used for IDA on a large scale and over long timeframes, and how it applies in different local contexts. EO can be used for monitoring, to fill data gaps where ground data is missing, and to develop new products that can help respond to very specific development  issues.

Earth Observation provides a different vantage point on IDA, with connected services and satellite missions covering the globe. From natural resources, environmental protection, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, EO, along with on-the-ground information, provides a complete view of a site.

Who is this MOOC for and how to access:

This ‘MOOC’ is designed for people who want to learn more about EO for international development assistance and the ESA Space for IDA cooperation agreement, as well as to gain insights into EO data and services potential in international development contexts.

The MOOC is free and it can be accessed from the official site here.