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Baltic regional initiative science

Scientific Data Exploitation Element of the Earth Observation Envelope Program (EOEP-5) aims at supporting the scientific community and value-adding companies of Baltic Member States to carry out leading edge research activities to advance the use of ESA and non-ESA EO missions towards the achievement of major scientific challenges identified by Baltic Earth community for the next decade:

    • Dedicated products for the Baltic: ocean colour, sea level, coastal altimetry, salinity and new dedicated S2 products.
    • Characterization of biochemical exchanges (land-sea and air-sea) including salinity dynamics.
    • Characterizing and closing the water cycle of the Baltic.
    • 4D reconstruction of Baltic ocean dynamics by integration of EO and modelling.
    • Characterizing and predicting major Baltic inflows.

To address these, activities have been already initiated in 2018. Find out about them in the Baltic projects section.