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NoR Portal

The NoR Portal can help users discover the NoR Initiative with information, news, statistics, and much more.

From there, users can also access an ever-increasing Portfolio of innovative operational platform and cloud services operated by actors from participating countries available through the NoR.

The goal is that the use of these services shall accelerate scientific achievements and the sharing of the results, or to approach the digital information market quicker and in an easier sustainable way.

The NoR Portfolio provides useful links regarding the providers such as the various helpdesks or providers portals where services can be procured. Approximate Price comparison of Infrastructure as a Service solutions is possible and similar functionality for Platform services is planned in the coming weeks.

The NoR Portal, and in particular through the Portfolio, is also the gateway for eligible users to request NoR Sponsorship providing an estimate of the cost of services including the ceiling level of sponsorship generally awarded by ESA for non ESA projects. For more details on the sponsorship criteria go to NoR Sponsorship.

Access the NoR Portal.