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ATMOS 2024 | 1-5 July Bologna, Italy

 July 1 - July 5


In the context of the EO Science for Society Programme Element, the European Space Agency is organising ATMOS 2024, a conference on the topical theme Atmosphere aimed at exploiting, as well as preparing, data from ESA and EO Missions for science and application development. The purpose of the conference is to provide scientists and data users with the opportunity to present first-hand and up-to-date results from their ongoing research and application development activities by using data from past and current atmospheric instruments. The outcome of this conference is used to further shape the next generation of R&D activities in the frame of the ESA Earth Observation Programme.

Scientific Objectives

  • Provide a platform for scientific exchange and to assess the state of the art of atmospheric applications;
  • Foster the scientific community in atmospheric research;
  • Present mission status, algorithms, and products for the currently operating Copernicus Sentinel-5p, and the EarthCARE and Aeolus Earth Explorer Missions;
  • Provide updates on development and science activities regarding future missions, e.g Copernicus Sentinel-4, Copernicus Sentinel-5, CO2M, FORUM, Altius, FLEX, TRUTHS, HARMONY, the Earth Explorer EE11 candidate missions CAIRT and WIVERN and Copernicus Contributing Missions;
  • Provide updates on activities regarding ESA Third Party missions;
  • Demonstrate the synergistic use of different atmospheric European and non-European instruments;
  • Present large scale international initiatives to support the R&D activities relevant to atmosphere satellite missions and promote synergy with Copernicus Sentinels, Earth Explorers, and other missions;
  • Present scientific results related to operational services such as the Copernicus Atmospheric Services CAMS & C3S and the Numerical Forecasting systems;
  • Discuss novel atmospheric mission, instrument and algorithm concepts, e.g., Scout Missions, SmallSats, constellations, HAPS, miniaturisation, AI in algorithms;
  • Review and assess the progress according to the recommendations of the ESA 2021 Atmospheric Science Conference;
  • Provide a forum for scientists to formulate community recommendations.


  • Reactive trace gases in the atmosphere;
  • Clouds and aerosols;
  • Anthropogenic greenhouse gases;
  • Biogenic sources of greenhouse gases;
  • Volcanic emissions;
  • Solar induced fluorescence;
  • Water vapour;
  • Air quality and climate monitoring from space;
  • Stratospheric and middle-atmosphere processes;
  • Atmospheric dynamics;
  • Earth’s radiation budget;
  • Results on the generation of atmospheric Essential Climate Variables;
  • Atmospheric applications and service development;
  • Data assimilation and numerical forecasting;
  • New and innovative technologies for atmospheric remote sensing;
  • Synergy with other Copernicus Sentinels, ESA Earth Explorers and other missions;
  • Numerical methods in Atmosphere Remote Sensing

For further information, please go to the main website at ATMOS 2024

Abstract submission deadline 16/04/2024


July 1
July 5
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CNR Area Della Ricerca – Bologna