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5th Earth Observation Summer School 2010

 August 2, 2010 - August 13, 2010


European Space Agency (ESA) organises a series of summer schools on Monitoring of the Earth System to promote the exploitation of Earth Observation EO data across disciplines, with a specific focus on their assimilation into Earth System models. The Summer Schools last for two-week and are held in ESA/ESRIN (near Rome, Italy).

The fifth edition of the series took place from 2d to 13th August 2010. A total of 74 young researchers (Ph.D. students and young post-docs) attended the event, coming mainly from European institutions.

The Summer School aimed to train a new generation of scientists in the skills needed to exploit data from the full range of instruments of ESA’s Envisat satellite. 

A broad spectrum of spectrum of topics were addressed, mainly related to oceanography, atmosphere and land surface: soil moisture, carbon cycle, numerical weather prediction, chemical data assimilation, bias detection in machine learning, satellite gravimetry, quality control and bias correction of observations, atmospheric composition,  and politics and climate change, among others.

The programme also included keynote lectures, hands-on computing practicals and poster sessions.



  • Stephen Briggs (ESA)
  • Reiner Rummel (IAPG)
  • Wolfgang Wagner (TU Wien)
  • Peter Rayner (UNIMELB)
  • David Lary (UTD)
  • Pierre Gauthier (UQAM)
  • Colin Challen (Climate Equity Foundation)
  • Iarla Kilbane-Dawe (AEAT)
  • Jean-Marie Beckers (GHER)
  • Gabriela Seiz (MeteoSwiss)
  • Niels Bormann (ECMWF)
  • Bernard Pinty (JRC)
  • Brian Kerridge (SSTD)
  • Mario Hernandez (UNESCO)



  • Val Byfield (NOC
  • David Poulter (NOC)
  • Stefano Migliorini (DARC)
  • Amos Lawless (NCEO)
  • Maeva Doron (MEOM-LEGI)
  • Linda Moser (ESA)
  • Caroline Boess (DARC)
  • Konstantina Rizopoulou (ESA)


Access here below the full programme.