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Re-run of “Echoes in Space – Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing”

ESA has opened a re-run of the successful Massive Open Online Course ‘Echoes in Space – An Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing’. The re-run is currently accessible free of charge on the eLearning platform EO College (, as from 16th September 2019 for a period of 12 months.

Registration is possible anytime during the duration of the course. Students can follow the five consecutive weeks of lessons at their own pace, and will receive a certificate of completion.

‘Echoes in Space’ is suitable for anybody interested in getting an introduction to Radar images or looking to deepen into the topic. It covers the history and basics of Radar technology and Radar Remote Sensing from space, and gives a unique hands-on experience in diverse application scenarios.


Official Trailer

More info:

Course Website
Enroll now to EO College


Course content:

  • History
    • What is radar?
    • Radar History
    • What is an EM wave?
    • What is an active radar system
    • Radar sensors & missions
  • Geometry
    • The SAR principle
    • Interaction with the Earth surface
    • How to obtain and use Radar data
  • Land
    • Forest applications
    • Urban applications
    • Agriculture Applications
  • Water
    • Scatter mechanism over water
    • Water bodies
    • Maritime applications
  • Hazard
    • Flood applications
    • Seismic events applications