New onboarded Service Providers and Portal functionalities in the Network of Resources

New Service Provider added recently to the NoR Community

The Service Provider CODE-DE offering exclusive data collections and a powerful infrastructure to enable the processing of the data in the Cloud is the latest Service Provider to be onboarded to the Network of Resources Community and accessible via the NoR portal.

Actively providing access to 58 services from 26 different providers, the Network of Resources portal provides an increasing portfolio of innovative Remote Sensing operational platforms and cloud services.

The portal allows you to take a variety of actions:

  • scroll through the full list of providers
  • filter the list of providers according to their services and/or data collection offer
  • compare IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) prices from different providers
  • for each provider:
    • get detailed information about all specific services and/or data collections they offer,
    • access the price list,
    • directly contact the provider helpdesk and visit the provider website, and, last but not least,
    • ask ESA for sponsorship of your project via a straightforward Sponsoring Wizard.

Eligible research, education and pre-commercial entities can receive sponsoring to use these resources. More details can be found here.

Would you like to join the service providers community? Get informed about the Best Practices ITT to procure services from resource and platform tier providers.


New Network of Resources Portal Functionalities

The Network of Resources portal got a new version released in August 2022. The new release of the Network of Resources portal presents a richer overview of the providers is offered on the main page and a new text search function including a short info tips window on the left panel.