EO for Security side event @phi-week

Technological innovation is a critical asset in the security and law enforcement domain.

The Earth Observation-based services market is constantly changing and evolving, taking advantage of the increasing data sources as a result of new EO missions, provided by public programmes such as Copernicus, national EO missions and by a variety of commercial or public/private partnerships EO missions and small satellites, by EU and non-EU operators. Additionally, new actors, such as data owners and analytics providers are more and more cooperating to research activities to demonstrate enhanced analysis and intelligence by fusing diverse data and information from a wide range of geolocated and open data sources.

Thanks to the combination of emerging ICT technologies and evolving EO and non-EO data collection and processing capabilities, Earth Observation is becoming an increasingly important asset for stakeholders involved in security operations. The European Space Agency investigates and tests new capabilities in order to support and foster developments in EO security research activities, keeping a constant dialogue with institutional actors involved in the law enforcement domain and in the provision of EO operational services, as well as with EO commercial providers and research entities.

The New Space Actors contribution to EO for Security side event at Φ-week, taking place on Friday 15 October, will feature presentations from:

  • institutions assisting intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the fields of security and law enforcement, by providing services, training and capacity building;
  • industries on the latest innovation, with a high focus on developing analytics and AI tailored for EO data.

Free registration at https://phiweek.esa.int/


Main themes

  • New developments, trends and needs from EU and UN organizations working on security and law enforcement.
  • Exploitation of EO and OSINT data, data analysis software to support the intelligence analysis process.
  • AI techniques and data fusion.
  • New satellite constellations and security applications.



  • Welcome (ESA)

Institutional Panel ( 14:00 – 14:45 CET)

  • SatCen – Sergio Albani, Head of RTD Unit
  • EMSA – Paula Marti , Copernicus Maritime Security Service Project Officer
  • UNICRI – Odhran McCarthy, Liaison Officer, New York Office

Commercial Sector Panel – Contribution of New Space Actors to research activity for security applications (14:45-16:00 CET)

  • ICEYE constellation capabilities – ICEYE
  • Pléiades Neo: ultimate reactivity and 30cm resolution supporting European Autonomy – Airbus Defence and Intelligence
  • Tracking terrorism and organized crime activities with EO and OSINT data – Hensoldt Analytics
  • Maritime Preoperational Demonstrations on use of EO, AIS and RF satellite detection– e-GEOS and UnseenLabs
  • Connect the dots to derive actionable and analytical insights – DataWalk



Sergio Albani | SatCen – European Satellite Centre

Paula Martí | EMSA – European Maritime Safety Agency

Odhran McCarthy | UNICRI – United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Corinne Green | ICEYE

Pierre Alain Bosch | Airbus Defence and Intelligence

Anne-Lynn Dudenhöfer | Hensoldt Analytics

Filippo Christian Daffinà | e-GEOS

Olivier Michel | UnseenLabs

Kamil Goral | DataWalk