Second blockchain workshop at the 2019 ESA Ф-Week

A one day workshop organized at the occasion of the 2019 ESA Ф-Week on September 12 will be dedicated to the design of the new set of use cases on the crossover of Earth Observation, blockchain/DLT and IoT  which were identified in ESA White Paper as suitable for testing the feasibility and added value of DLT solutions in the EO sector.

The participants will present innovative ideas and evaluate requirements, success criteria and necessary resources needed to accelerate developments in the key focus areas:

  • New data markets for algorithms training
  • Machine to Machine economy (monetizing data and incentivizing quality data)
  • AI and Blockchain convergence (certification of models, data rentals)
  • Smart Contracts (automated transaction settlements: significance for redesigning EO value chain and new levels of operational productivity)
  • Representation and tokenisation of physical assets ( “digital twin” concept)
  • Role of EO data and services in Decentralized Applications

Currently one of the biggest obstacles to development of the integrated digital information services are centralized data silos which host proprietary data, often not available for distribution due to lack of interoperability, their high cost or associated privacy constraints. At the same time the AI driven applications which will underline future EO-based information services will require accessible data and models for AI analytics. Distributed ledgers strive to solve these problems by providing incentives for shared economy and means for making data, models and algorithms both private and sharable, at fraction of the cost.

The workshop will be dedicated to identify the industries and stakeholders that could benefit the most from EO and blockchain/DLT crossover, in particular it will elaborate the framework for the following use cases:

  • EO data provenance
  • Smart Cities
  • Land Management (including agriculture and commodities supply chain tracking)
  • IPR protection


ESA Phiweek Blockchain Workshop

12 September 2019

9:00-13:00 James Cook Room, ESA ESRIN


The workshop agenda


9.00 – Arrival to ESA ESRIN (James Cook Room),

9.10 – 10.00 Part 1: Setting the stage, Introduction to Distributed Ledgers & Blockchain

10.00 – 12.00 Part 2: Existing implementations.

11:00 – 11.15 Coffee break

12.15 – 13.00 Part 3: Working Session: Framework for use cases and overcoming technical and business hurdles