OECD uses ESA data to measure green growth

The annual global CCI land-cover maps at 300m resolution, spanning a 24-year period, from 1992 to 2015, have been used  to develop the new OECD Green Growth headline indicator on land-cover change.

More recently, the same CCI land-cover team has also demonstrated the performance of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission to deliver 10 m resolution land-cover maps over very large areas, such as Africa and Central America.

The Mexico and Central America land-cover, presented at CentroGEO in Mexico City on 31 July 2018, is the result of a collaboration setup last summer by ESA HQ between ESA and AEM (Agencia Espacial Mexicana). The Mexican Space Agency Director General attended the meeting together with 30 more Mexican participants.

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