Earth System data lab

Thanks to satellites a wealth of information is at our fingertips to understand the different components of our planet and how these components interact to form the Earth system as a whole. However, despite unprecedented progress in analysing and understanding the stream of data we have available, it still remains a challenge to analyse multiple types of data together, and understand how processes occurring in the different components of the Earth system and how they interact with each other . ESA’s Earth System Data Lab is addressing this challenge by developing a new Virtual Lab that allows simultaneous access to a wide array of Earth observation, modelling and reanalysis datasets that covers space, time and bio-physical variables.

And, ESA would like young researchers to help. The Early Adopters Call invites young researchers to explore information from data streams produced by several international scientific team and help shape the future of the Earth System Data Lab.

More information can be found at the Early Adopters Call. The deadline for submitting a proposal is 15 September 2018.