Priorities for Baltic after March 2017 Helsinki workshop

Stakeholders from the Baltic region met at a workshop held in Helsinki in March 2017. The following elements were agreed as priority interests to be addressed by ESA funded projects:

  • Platform services and processing resources:
    • Reliable, robust regional data access and processing capabilities for all EO data, including rapid access to data
    • Platform as a Service capabilities from a Network of Platforms to support National, Regional and Commercial analytics
    • Innovative visualization tools
    • On-boarding all Baltic data collections to make them available through Data-as-a-Service functionalities


  • Earth Science
    • Dedicated products for the Baltic, where traditional methods/products do not work: Ocean colour, sea level, coastal altimetry, salinity and new dedicated S2 products
    • Characterization of biochemical exchanges (land-sea and air-sea) including salinity dynamics
    • Characterizing and closing the water cycle of the Baltic
    • 4D reconstruction of Baltic ocean dynamics by integration of EO and modelling
    • Characterizing and predicting major Baltic inflows


  • EO Applications/Exploitation
    • Enhanced common MFSP/WFD/MSP monitoring & assessment combined with EO based territorial planning and ecosystem based approaches
    • Improved natural capital/ecosystems monitoring & assessment
    • Address gap in characterizing ecosystem regulating and supporting services
    • Regional approach for status mapping for key natural resources (eg grasslands)