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Food Security Exploitation Platform (FS-TEP)

The FS-TEP offers on-line processing services and tools to support sustainable food production from space


To support future sustainable and efficient farming and aquaculture, the FS-TEP addresses the needs of a heterogeneous user community, spanning from agriculture to aquaculture, from small-scale farmers to agricultural industry, from public science to the finance and insurance sectors, from local and national administration to international agencies. EO data plays a major role in understanding and managing the global food supply on all scales.

FS-TEP will provide services and applications where the full power of Copernicus Sentinel-1 and -2 satellites as well as additional datasets are required. It will serve as a platform where users can easily access comprehensive satellite datasets in a timely manner and process these directly by using a range of available generic applications.

By providing a service to efficiently generate spatial information in a cloud and download resulting products, FS-TEP aligns with the paradigm shift of bringing the users to the data and thus enabling the processing of large datasets.