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Earth from Space: the Living Beauty

Earth at the touch of your finger - ESA's first iBook


Earth from Space: The Living Beauty is the first iBook published by ESA, and is free to download.

It combines beautiful satellite images and videos with new discoveries made by ESA’ fleet of satellites and the latest research on Earth’s processes and systems. The book invites readers to discover how the latest technology in satellite imagery has changed the way we see and understand the Earth.

Designed as a teaching tool for secondary schools, the book is made for everyone interested in our planet.

Download instructions

Earth from Space: the living beauty is accessible on all Apple devices with Apple Books, and on PC via iTunes.

To download the book, search for “Earth from Space” on Apple Books, iTunes, or open this page in your browser on an Apple device and click on Download (430 Mb),
Then follow the instructions on your iPad screen to link the book to your Apple Books account, after which it is accessible on all compatible devices.