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Atlantic regional initiative applications

The aim of Atlantic EO applications development is to embed EO-derived information into pre-operational regional monitoring, assessment and planning activities (e.g. enhanced environmental monitoring and assessment, improved management of natural resources in the region, support to regional programmes in the fields of economic development, civil security and climate resilience).

The scope of these developments is to:

1. Bridge EU policies, ESA programs and Atlantic strategies, to better anchor space uses to the needs of territories and industries, fully exploiting the potential of EO applications for better-informed decision-making and innovation processes

Blue economy: Innovation Clusters, Atlantic Natural Resources Management and Maritime Spatial Planning

2. Build international partnerships and mobilize initiatives that enhance cross-sectorial exchanges amongst actors and investments

Renewable Energy: Off-shore Wind

3. Integrate the EO dimension in regional innovation and SME programs, strengthening and developing local communities by raising the profile of EO capabilities towards new actors

Atlantic cities: Smart, Sustainable and Secure Ports and Protecting the Ocean

EO for a Resilient Society: Intertidal Topography Mapping in the temporal domain (SAR-TWL), towards operationalisation of a global monitoring tool