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EOvideo product Exploitation Platform (EOVEP)

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Capturing video from Earth Observation (EO) is one of the most exciting innovations to hit the remote sensing world in recent times. High-resolution, full-colour EO video is enabling fundamental and disruptive changes for the Geospatial Intelligence and Earth Observation industries. EO Video provides several advantages over still imagery, for example:

  • it enables faster and more accurate object recognition using AI and machine learning;
  • It enables 3D models to be created to much higher precision than from a single stereo pair;
  • It provides more contextual information to analysts and researchers, by capturing movement;
  • It allows for more accurate change detection including detection of 3D changes over time;
  • It provides the ability to mitigate patchy cloud and haze in a scene to derive a clear image.

Even richer use cases emerge when one combines EO video analytics with complementary geospatial information sources to generate information products for end users. For example, video analytics related to speed and direction from a marine vessel, integrated with Automatic Identification System (AIS) data would allow tracking and course prediction for individual vessels. There are undoubtedly many applications of EO Video yet to be discovered. The EO Video Exploitation and Analytics Platform, or EOVEP, is expected to make the benefits of EO Video widely accessible to a range of users and value adders from the research, institutional and commercial sectors, enabling them to explore, experiment and discover their own applications of this novel data.
The development of the EOVEP as a cloud-based platform for exploitation of video from space will be feed with high-resolution, satellite video data, not just from Earth-i’s constellation, but also from other partners offering similar data feeds. It will enable novel applications to be realised, by providing users with technology capabilities, tools and workflows for interpreting and exploiting video data and for extracting information and insights. It will also offer worked examples from Earth-i own repertoire and provide access to scientists to help EOVEP users extract value from satellite video and develop products and services relevant to their research or business needs. The platform will procure open interfaces for users of other thematic and regional platforms to query the EOVEP and retrieve information of interest to their theme; being fully integrated and connected with the ESA ecosystem and ESA Network of Resources.
The success of the EOVEP platform is inherently tied to building such a community and enabling it to thrive. The combination of data and technology alone does not achieve this; equally important are fostering a culture of trust and collaboration, giving users the confidence to place their services in the platform; and providing community leadership underpinned by a clear vision for the platform, the innovation it brings, and the value it enables the community to develop and extract.


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