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Infrastructure platform providers

Within its “Exploitation Platform” programmatic activities, ESA is promoting a new way of working to the scientific and value adding community, where they do not rely on their own infrastructure, but host their algorithms with an infrastructure provider and using a “hosted processing service” to perform the needed computing at this remote infrastructure. ESA projects will promote this “bring the user to the data” paradigm and are therefore a significant opportunity for infrastructure providers to increase their customer base with the EO community. Free services can be promoted at any moment, services that need sponsoring from ESA will be selected on a yearly basis to implement a contractual agreement via a dedicated “Network of Resources” frame contract. The first opportunity will be available in late Q4/2018 or Q1/2019.

Via its “Common Architecture” activities, ESA will ensure the availability of open source solutions to run an interoperable interface allowing users to submit their algorithm and control processing against the desired data in a self-service environment with automated execution.