Exploring Open Science and Geospatial Innovation: the NASA-ESA-JAXA EO dashboard workshop at FOSS4G 2023

ESA, NASA, and JAXA joined forces at FOSS4G 2023, the largest global gathering for Free and Open-Source Software for Geospatial, to organize a successful hands-on workshop on “Open Science with NASA-ESA-JAXA EO Dashboard”. The workshop highlighted their collaborative effort, the EO Dashboard, an open-access resource illustrating global changes in the environment, economy, and agriculture using tri-agency satellite Earth observations. Attendees to the workshop gained insights into the dashboard’s evolving capabilities and how it promotes open science and reproducibility of analytical EO workflows leveraging open-source technology.

The workshop at FOSS4G 2023 empowered participants to make use of the open-source resources that ESA, NASA and JAXA contribute to the dashboard, including the EODASH library, EO data and Jupyter Notebooks executable in the Euro Data Cube (with ESA-sponsored access through the Network of Resources). By providing hands-on experience with the EO Dashboard and demonstrating its diverse applications, the workshop highlighted the advancements enabled collaboratively by NASA, ESA and JAXA to support Open Science and geospatial innovation.

The EO Dashboard webpage is accessible at https://eodashboard.org.

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