Help EC to shape the next Green Deal call

In February 2020, ESA (Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes – EOP) and EC (Directorate-General for Research and Innovation – R&I) launched a joint Earth System Science Initiative, formalised with the signature of a working arrangement between both institutions.

The initiative aims at joining forces to advance Earth System Science and provide a coordinated response to the global challenges that society is facing in the onset of this century.

To put words into practice, four joint Flagship Actions have been selected for kick-off in 2020 (i.e. Polar Changes and Global Impacts, Biodiversity and Vulnerable Ecosystems, Ocean Health, Extremes and Climate Adaptation).

The main overarching goal of the Flagship Action on Ocean Health will be to contribute to develop a Digital Twin of the Ocean.

As an important step toward this target, the EC is preparing a Green Deal call for research proposals, where one of the proposed topics is a Digital Ocean.

Stakeholders and the public are invited to help shape the call by 3 June 2020, through an online survey.

Access all relevant information and the survey from the links below: