Primary and secondary schools: EO basics

ESA undertakes educational projects aimed at bringing Earth Observation into the school curriculum.

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A software for EO educational use

Version: 3.4

Released on: 01/09/2018

A large archive of many EO products in one place

An atlas using satellite data to show the Earth as it really is

Hands-on training resources for upper high school and university teachers

Educational open source software for inspecting and analysing satellite images

Version: 4.2.1

Released on: 21/12/2017

An atlas to raise people’s awareness of the importance of water and its management


ESA provides and contributes to training courses, workshops and other events where teachers are given instruction in the use of tools that will enable them to incorporate Earth Observation into the curricula of their subject. ESA also organises outreach events where students and teachers are made aware of ESA’s activities in Earth Observation.

For more information on teacher training and outreach events for exercises and presentations, look at EGU GIFT Workshops.



The Education department of ESA develops educational material and undertakes many activities in space education for children. Some of this is relevant also to Earth Observation. For more information, visit the ESA Education and ESERO website.




World ocean circulation user consultation meeting 2019

February 21 - February 22
ESA-ESRIN, Largo Galileo Galilei, 1
Frascati, RM 00044 Italy

The large variety of EO data from instruments in orbit, used in synergy, constitute a wealth of information to advance our understanding and estimation of the upper layer of the World Ocean Circulation. Accurate knowledge of the latter at all time and space scales is of growing importance to many scientific, operational and commercial applications. This event …

Infrastructures planning and monitoring user consultation conference 2019

February 26 - February 27
ESA-ESRIN, Largo Galileo Galilei, 1
Frascati, RM 00044 Italy

During the past decades infrastructures had to meet rapidly increasing users’ needs in terms of construction of new buildings, transportation, energy, water supply, sewer system and information networks. In this context, Earth Observation (EO) represents an opportunity for innovative science, applications and information services to face some of the issues related to such increase as …

3D Earth Science Meeting 2019

March 12 - March 14
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), 10 Burlington Road
Dublin 4, D04 C932 Ireland

The scope of the 3D Earth Science meeting is to discuss the use of satellite data in studying the structure and processes in the lithosphere and the interaction with the deep mantle and surface processes. Keynote lectures will present results from the 3D Earth project and beyond. The science meeting intends to collect feedback on …

Feb 21
World ocean circulation user consultation meeting 2019
Feb 26
Infrastructures planning and monitoring user consultation conference 2019
Mar 12
3D Earth Science Meeting 2019