Platform services

Platform services provide data analytics, collaboration tools or other supporting  functions to scientists or value adders to allow them to achieve their results in the shortest time possible, and in particular without the need to download the data on their own infrastructure. The services rely on the underlying data infrastructure for massive data extraction and processing.

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C-TEP is a data access service dedicated to improving the efficiently of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas

A data cube service as Earth Observation Factory

The FS-TEP offers on-line processing services and tools to support sustainable food production from space

The F-TEP offers on-line processing services and tools to generate value-added forest information products

The Geohazards Exploitation Platform enables the exploitation of satellite EO data to support the geohazard community

The H-TEP offers the hydrology community the opportunity to exchange data, services and knowledge through a common collaboration framework

A portal that provides an ever increasing portfolio of innovative operational platform and cloud services

The Polar TEP provides polar researchers access to computing resources, EO data and software tools in the cloud

The TEP Urban platform is providing data, methods and infrastructure to help creating sustainable urban environments





While the availability of the growing volume of environmental data from space represents a unique opportunity for science and applications, it also poses a major challenge to achieve its full potential in terms of data exploitation. Advance on ICT big data solutions allow to move the activities from user workstations to cloud based platforms, which provide local access to EO data as well as the tools to manipulate them.
To perform large-scale EO data exploitation efficiently in future, ESA invests into a growing ecosystem of generic platform capabilities and community-specific environments as the Thematic Exploitation Platforms.






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Special issue in journal Remote Sensing:

"Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data for Volcanic Hazards Monitoring"

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Iceberg A-23a calved from the Filchner Ice Shelf in Sep 1986 and grounded in the southern Weddell Sea in Nov 1991. Nearly three decades later it has started to move north. Perhaps it's tired of the younger and smaller #A68 iceberg getting all the attention. @CopernicusEU @ESA_EO

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