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Data infrastructure

Scientists and commercial applications can achieve a step change in scalability and cost reduction for processing by using cloud resources where the needed data are hosted.  Avoiding the need to download the data and making computing resources available to everybody will simplify the take-up of EO satellite-based science and value adding for a large community.

Data platforms are the resource layer which provide the ‘back-end’ functionality and the environment where users can host their tools, algorithms and services.  In 2019 ESA is starting to procure processing services for ESA exploitation activities from the various existing European Earth Observation Resource Providers and to incentivise a ‘Network of EO Resources’ to contribute to a common framework harmonising their service offerings to users.

The Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) platform, procured by ESA on behalf of the Commission’s Copernicus Programme, is an example of one of foundation blocks of the European EO Resource Layer. Links to DIAS providers are accessible below.