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Data infrastructure

Exploitation Platforms feature data infrastructures that allow 3rd party scientists or value adders to install and run their algorithms on a computing platform (cloud or traditional) where the data are readily available. Avoiding the need to download the data and making massive computing resources available to everybody at even conditions shall simplify the take-up of EO satellite-based science and value adding for a large community.

Applying via the OSEO – Open Science for EO – opportunity, you can obtain free-at-point-of-use resources sponsored by ESA to achieve important scientific or value adding results.


The Earth Observation Innovative Platform Testbed Cloud Poland is a modern and flexible system of cloud processing allowing simultaneous use of hundreds of cores, terabytes of RAM, as well as effective management over it by the end user. You will easily find there the data and the products catalogue you need.

Detailed information about this experimental service can be found here. Note that this service will be terminated with the launch of the Copernicus DIAS platforms.


The 4 competing DIAS platforms offer Sentinel data readily available on the cloud, just bring your algorithm and deploy it to process huge volumes of data.

Learn more details on and follow the Copernicus news for the latest updates. The service will be available from mid-2018.