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Software component providers

Via the “Common Architecture” activities ESA will fund the development of interoperable components needed to expose a data infrastructure or platform service via a standard interface to the user community. The evolution of the architecture and its components will follow an iterative approach based on a growing number of use cases that will be supported by the architecture.

ESA will select key partners for each needed technical domain via best practice actions inside the “Common Architecture” frame contract industrial. The first selection opportunity for the following domains will be available in Q4 2018:

  • Federated Identity Management / Identity and Authorisation Management

How can a user access different resources (platforms, data, services) using the same credentials. Links to Authorisation  and eventually Authentication.

  • Data Provision, Access Control and Accounting

How can a user (directly, with an application, etc) access data efficiently across the exploitation platforms for analysis, visualisation, etc. What Access Control mechanisms and Accounting can be envisaged for this.

  • Data Processing and Processing Chaining

How can a user define, deploy and execute algorithms/applications in a portable manner across different platforms. The algorithm/application can be simple or complex, in which case a chaining (simple workflow) of simple algorithms may be needed.


In addition a use-case driven series of OGC activities will be sponsored by ESA, reserved to entities from countries contributing to the EOEP-5 programme.  Opportunities will be published both via EMITs as best practise actions as well as via the OGC website.

Finally ESA will provide selected sponsorship to open source initiatives contributing to the creation of a platform based EO ecosystem.