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Data analytics platform providers

An increasing number of users will rely on more and more sophisticated environments to analyse the growing amount of big data. To provide suitable services a sound competence both on the data analytics side as well as on the  infrastructure side is required. Within its “Exploitation Platform” programmatic activities ESA supports the development of European world-class environments for scientific and commercial data exploitation on top of data infrastructures. The thematic exploitation platforms are a first example, but many other services may provide a large benefit to the community.

ESA welcomes to receive innovative ideas in this area via responses to the “Evolving Capabilities” or “Network of Resources”  open call domains.

In addition the yearly workplan will include opportunities to cover identified gaps in the service offering via an industrially operated service.

Existing services can be sponsored by the “Network of Resources” to allow their usage “free-at-point-of-use” by the research community. The sponsored service will be selected on a yearly basis to implement a contractual agreement via a dedicated “Network of Resources” frame contract. The first opportunity will be available in Q1 2019.