The Green Transition Information Factory (GTIF) is a key component of the Space for Green Future (S4GF) Accelerator and the wider ESA strategy to address the Green Transition (GT) and the required transformation of economy and society towards a sustainable and carbon neutral future.

GTIF focuses on the GT related information needs that enable various actors (e.g., citizens, policy makers, companies) to better understand and engage in the transformation process. To do so, GTIF provides dedicated capabilities (comprising value-added products, indicators, and interactive tools) that enable relevant insights.

GTIF capabilities enable discovering the challenges and opportunities in key GT domains such as, e.g., renewable energy, mobility, carbon accounting or sustainable cities. GTIF capabilities are primarily enabled by EO data but also heavily build on interdisciplinary perspectives enabled, for example, by use of modelling outputs, geospatial and in-situ data. Digital platform technology is a key enabler for GTIF, providing relevant analytics, frontend technologies (e.g., intuitive tooling), efficient data access and reproducible/interoperable workflows.

A first GTIF demonstrator was developed for Austria and is publicly accessible since February 2023. The development followed a user driven approach involving a consultation process and co-design.

This present procurement seeks to develop three new showcases of the Green Transition Information Factory, named Kick-Starters, to pave the way for geographically upscaled insights.

  • First, national GT priorities shall be identified together with key stakeholders in a national context.
  • Capabilities corresponding to these GT priorities will then be identified, enhanced, integrated, potentially based on existing solution.
  • The utility of these GTIF capabilities to address national GT requirements will then be proven in a national showcase followed by consultation with the key stakeholders.
  • Subsequently, the initial capabilities portfolio will be prepared for geographic upscaling at the regional level.
  • Capabilities will then be enhanced in terms of robustness and following FAIR data principles to make then reusable and transferable.
  • Finally, the upscaled GTIF capabilities and enabled insights will be demonstrated in a regional (i.e., multi-national) showcase highlighting the scalability and robustness of methods.

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