Invitation to Tender: “COASTAL BLUE CARBON”

In the framework of the Earth Observation Applications projects, the Coastal Blue Carbon project aims at developing innovative high-quality EO-based information products, indicators and methods, targeting specific high-priority matters raised by the international environment policy agenda and with a distinct connection to the European Union (EU) Green Deal.

The project aims at developing new methods to improve the carbon stock estimation of major Coastal Blue Carbon ecosystems specifically for: mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrasses in representative areas in the world.

The project shall have a multi-sensor approach, leverage on state-of-the-art existing datasets (e.g., global mangrove watch) and integrate as necessary open non-EO data, in-situ measurements and model outputs.

This activity is linked to a number of key policies at international (e.g. CBD, UNFCC, UN SDG, Ramsar) and European (e.g., the EU Biodiversity strategy, the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Maritime Spatial Planning(MSP) Directive, Water Framework Directive (WFD)) levels.

This activity is considered in the series of the PEOPLE (Pioneering EO apPLications for the Environment) projects and it shall be implemented in close collaboration with Early Adopters (EA): government agencies, environmental organisations, private companies investing in Blue Carbon projects and also local communities. The EA shall be involved in the requirements consolidation and the validation process of the new methods and relative derived information products. This activity requires an open-science approach, sharing knowledge and information across the stakeholders and end-users.

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