Urbanisation involves various social, economic, and spatial transformations that occur as as increasing proportion of the population lives in urban areas. Urban processes encompass the dynamics and interactions within urban areas, including population growth, land use changes, infrastructure development and economic activity, resource consumption, migration and socio-cultural shifts.

Characterising urbanisation and urban processes with reliable data can be challenging. It involves understanding the dynamics, interactions, and patterns within urban areas and the identification of cause-effect relationships. As a multitude of urban-related datasets become available from various sources, in the recent past the number of activities attempting to combine these has been on the rise.

The aim of this tender is to start activities that can develop, verify and demonstrate innovative urban analytics products combining satellite Earth Observation (EO) data and non-EO data, and applying adequate models supporting the characterisation, management and forecasting of urban processes. Proposed use cases shall target green, resilient and inclusive cities in all their aspects: carbon neutrality, sustainable economic development and socio-economic well-being (adequate transport, waste management, building and energy management, etc.). Of equal interest are the study of slow-onset processes, in combination with long-term EO- and non-EO information.

As a starting point, the resulting activities are expected to prototype potentially-scalable monitoring and analysis models and demonstrate the access to the required EO and non-EO data streams. The end point shall be customised analytics services for large urban agglomerations based on integration of one or more of those models and datasets. Examples of non-EO datasets of interest for integration are urban zoning and infrastructure development data, transponder and mobile network data, energy consumption and utilities, commodities and trading, mobility and public transport, social media and street-level information, sensor/IoT networks, etc.

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