This activity aims to design and develop an Open Science environment to support collaborative and end-to-end reproducible Earth System scientific research.

  • The environment shall serve the community needs of the ESA Science Hub and the ESA Science Clusters.
  • The environment will enable researchers working individually and in teams to conduct and manage their scientific experiments in a FAIR by design approach.
  • The environment shall permit long-term preservation and (open) access to ESA Earth Science project artifacts (input and output data, algorithm and code, documentation), as well as tools to package, visualise, share and disseminate their research in such as way that it is understandable by other researchers as well as by machines.

A community portal shall provide an entry point to the collaborative development tools and resources, as well as access to community guidelines and open documentation to help researchers adopt FAIR principles in their scientific practice. Through community and capacity building focused on Open Science, the activity shall promote a trusted collaborative experience of conducting Earth system science.

For all components (technology, community, partnerships), the Reproducible Open Science Environment can rely on elements developed as part of other FutureEO activities and on readily available operational services provided by Member States’ public and industrial facilities, including interoperable building blocks, platform services, Open Science capacity building, scientific communication, and international cooperation.

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