Invitation to Tender: “EO Africa Dunia service”

EO AFRICA stands for African Framework for Research, Innovation, Communities and Applications, building an African-European R&D partnership.

The main objective of this R&D element is to facilitate the adoption of Earth Observation (EO) and related space technology in Africa. Following an African user-driven approach with a long-term (>10 years) vision for the digital era in Africa, EO AFRICA Data Services – a.k.a. Dunia – facilitates the overall objective through open and free access to EO data services relevant to the African content.

Dunia will:

  • Leverage on cloud computing technology for a comprehensive EO data accessibility and exploitation in Africa, leapfrogging infrastructure bottlenecks;
  • Support direct interpretation of the Copernicus data and lower the barrier to their straightforward usage, and develop solutions with low bandwidth consumption and interface suitable for hand-held mobile devices.

Dunia implements pre-operational services in the context of an open architecture fostering federation and interoperability of open data infrastructures. The Service is conceived as part of an ecosystem providing services to support R&D over Africa.

Dunia focuses on management of support services like:

  • Application Hub;
  • data environment;
  • streamlined and efficient data transfer for Africa-focused Copernicus Sentinels Data and other complementary data.

Dunia supports the R&D community by providing an Application Hub supporting open source solutions for data services via protocols adapted to low bandwidth and fast data exploitation.

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