Invitation to Tender: “EO Africa – Continental Demonstrator LUISA: Land Use Intensities potential, vulnerability and resilience for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa”

Over Africa, land use intensification is a subject of particular research interest.

The African land system is undergoing rapid changes and novel approaches are needed to understand the drivers and consequences of land use intensification, as well as the dependency, vulnerability and resilience caused by climate change. It is paramount to understand Africa’s potential, vulnerability and resilience for a sustainable agriculture, defined as one that is low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive.

The primary objective of this activity is to develop and implement new methods, effectively linking and integrating modelling, satellite EO products (Sentinels, Explorers, Meteo missions, ESA-CCI) and dataset with in-situ, stakeholder-generated, social-economic data to advance the estimation of continental Africa potential, vulnerability and resilience for a sustainable agriculture. 

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