Invitation to Tender: “Fast track apps”

Leveraging on the RACE experience, this activity aims to establish a dedicated mechanism to support the rapid design, development, testing and demonstration of novel EO-informed products and applications on different interdisciplinary thematic areas and perform flexible actions such as:

  • Rapid initial exploratory tests and demonstrators of new products/indicators or new specific method,
  • Rapid application tailoring with ad-hoc users,
  • Rapid test of new front-end technology.

For a complete definition of this mechanism, further actions such as independent validation activities (e.g., of novel products), tailored demonstrations with proprietary data, cross-method comparison and best practices definition, as well as a strong engagement with stakeholders and beneficiaries are essential. The activity will result in a number of domain specific products (or applications), developed in a composable API-first approach with modular setup, relying on a habitat of different systems that share data via APIs. 

Learn more about this Invitation To Tender on the esa-star Publication page.