Invitation to Tender: “Agriculture science precursors”

With this ITT ESA wishes to open research opportunities focused on scientific priorities related to foods systems and in particular agriculture, aiming at exploring and exploiting the huge synergistic opportunities offered by the increasing EO European satellite capacity together with in situ observations, advanced models and novel technologies in order to enhance EO capacities to estimate and predict key agricultural variables such as yield and crop nutrient content, and increase scientific understanding of crop responses to multiple stress factors of which several are amplified in a changing climate.

Each activity resulting from this ITT will be a feasibility study with preliminary developments and a roadmap, focusing on one of three following Themes:

  1. Estimation and prediction of crop nutrient content (Theme 1)
  2. Yield estimation and prediction at field level (Theme 2);
  3. Understanding of impact on crops from multiple stressors (Theme 3).

The activities will contribute to preparing a Flagship Action on food systems and agriculture within the EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative. 

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