Invitation to Tender: “Support to R&D coordination for the Global Forest Observations Initiative”

The Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) is an informal partnership to help coordinate international support to developing countries on forest monitoring and greenhouse gas accounting for REDD+ and related activities.

Together with “Data Coordination”, “Methods and Guidance Documentation” and “Capacity Building”, the “R&D Coordination” is one of the four pillars of the GFOI.

The purpose of this activity is to lead the R&D Component of GFOI for the duration of three years, prioritising and catalysing research efforts towards the development of operational forest monitoring by integrating remote sensing and ground based observations. That requires to interact with the global forest research community specifically related to sustainable forest management and climate change. It includes to coordinate related R&D activities, identify R&D gaps in the REDD+ process and national GHG reporting, organise expert workshops on R&D gaps and promote forestry in the context of climate change.

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