Invitation to Tender: “Earth Observation Near Real-Time Exploitation Platform – EOPort – New Partnership Extension”

Since early 2020, a consortium lead by KSAT has been implementing a NRT Exploitation Platform, “EOPORT” in a project funded by ESA.

The main objective of the activity has been to implement a cloud platform which can reduce the time and costs for value adding industry to bring to the market their services to customers requiring near real-time earth observation information. EOPORT lets service providers and end users access earth observation satellite data as fast as possible in a cloud environment. Through the implementation of ESAs vision of the NRT Earth Observation Exploitation platform, EOPORT provides simple set-up of complete EO service production chains or exploitation of separate service chain elements.

The project is now ready to continue the evolution of the platform into a second phase, which will be focused on adding additional capabilities related to AI/ML and on-boarding new service providers and satellite missions. The purpose of this tender is to expand the portfolio of offered NRT earth observation satellite data on the EOPORT platform by subcontracting satellite data providers through the ESA Best Practice Procurement approach. The new satellite providers will be closely integrated with the EOPORT platform to take full advantage of the streamlined data and service production chain in order to make the satellite data available to the EOPORT users as fast as possible.

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