Invitation to Tender: “World Emission”

The World Emission project shall be conceived as EO application project that aims at developing innovative EO products and methods in response to authoritative end-user requirements.

The project shall prepare the ground for a long-term exploitation by large user communities, and is expected to provide substantial and concrete benefits to target user communities. The project aims at evaluating emission estimates from satellite observations by using products from latest satellite technology, which allows high spatial and temporal resolution and the rapid availability of these estimates to users.

Specifically the activity will cover the assessment of methane (CH4) emissions from major anthropogenic sources and the development of top-down estimates from satellite retrievals. Emission estimates for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), the apportionment between anthropogenic and biogenic sources and their role in Ozone pollution episodes (VOCs/NOx ratio) shall be studied. Further, there will be a focus on ammonia (NH3) release close to the surface related to agricultural practice like fertilization the investigation of high resolution measurements of water vapour (H2O), high resolution measurements of NO2 and SO2 from Sentinel-5p and the potential combination with CO2 measurements. Another focus will be on the development of CO2 emission estimates in tropical regions.

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