Invitation to Tender: “Super-resolution enhanced data for EO applications and services”

Recently a lot of research is being done to investigate possibilities for enhancing free or low-cost satellite imagery using methods that imply systematically lower cost than extensive procurement of commercial very high-resolution (VHR) imagery.

To date, however, much of this research is in the academic domain and the analysis of the operational sustainability of computationally intensive data enhancement methods such as super-resolution remains quite limited.

The aim of this tender is to place contracts that can build prototype versions of different super-resolution enhancement applications for different satellite datasets and conduct verification exercises to assess both the optimal level of performance and the issues associated with long-term operational sustainability.

Within the present procurement, ESA plans to support a number of independent activities selected from the following priority topics:

1) addressing super-resolution of Sentinel-2 imagery,

2) super-resolution of satellite video data and

3) super-resolution of satellite-based hyperspectral data.

This activity is part of the “EO for Civil Security Applications” activity line of the “Development and Exploitation Component” of ESA’s FutureEO-1 programme (Segment-1), aiming among others to expand uptake of civilian EO capabilities within the wider law enforcement community and civil security stakeholders.

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