Invitation to Tender: “From Farm to Table. Supply Chain Management with Traceability and Verification”

There are significant opportunities to be explored in the context of “tracking and tracing” of agriculture commodities, in particular by the convergence of traditional EO information services with emerging distributed data, platforms and IoT sensor networks.

These new concepts allow to demonstrate where the produce has originated, how it has been handled, how well it was maintained, its processing and treatment, etc. which can shed important information on how the value is added and revenue distributed among the participants to the value chain.

There is an increasing need to track food from the source to the end stages of consumer outlets primarily in order to ensure the safety and quality of the produce. However it also has important implications for the implementation of the European Green Deal strategy as well as certain policy objectives (i.e. deforestation-free commodities, sustainable fisheries, fair trade, organic foods, carbon offsets, etc.). Furthermore, the ability to provide systems in which the participants to the value chain can achieve more transparency concerning the movement of goods can open entirely new opportunities for financial inclusion and trading of commodities globally.

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