Invitation to Tender: “Baltic Regional Initiative – APPLICATIONS”

The objective of the ESA Baltic Regional Initiative is to enhance the use of state-of-the art European satellite missions (ESA and European missions) to support definition and cooperative implementation of regional priorities in the Baltic, in line with national policy objectives of the Baltic Rim development, in the context of the relevant EU legislation, as well as the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) framework.

This procurement is dedicated to developing a regional high-volume data access, processing and information dissemination ecosystem and to establish regional information services for the Baltic Region using state-of-the art EO data and platform services.

The objective is to enhance and integrate existing national and regional monitoring and assessment frameworks in cooperation with country-level and multilateral authorities.

This ITT will prioritise the national territorial and spatial planning, pollution management as well as environmental monitoring in the basin in line with HELCOM priorities.

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