Invitation to Tender: “EO Exploitation Platforms Common Architecture – Best Practises ITT to procure Operators”

Exploitation Platforms are a central element of ESA’s Earth Observation (EO) Innovation Europe concept, which aims at the integration of EO data and information for a much broader use, for scientific, social and economic purposes, as well as for the generation of new commercial applications and services.

ESA is funding the definition of a common architecture and the development of interoperable components that can be used to expose data infrastructures or platform services via a set of standard interfaces.

ESA and the Telespazio Vega UK (the prime contractor) are now ready for selecting a small number of Exploitation Platform Operators willing to integrate the common architecture components within their services. These Operators will be procured via an ESA’s Best Practices ITT.


Lean more about this Invitation to Tender in the AO700021, published by Telespazio Vega UK Limited under EMITS ( select ENTITIES -> Telespazio Vega UK Limited -> Open Invitations to Tender) or go directly to the EMITS page (anonymous view).