Invitation to Tender: “WORLDCEREAL”

The overarching goal of the WorldCereal project is to develop a robust and efficient EO solution for global crop monitoring at field scale level, which can be exploited by a large community of stakeholders involved in the agricultural sector and active over a range of scales, from regional crop productivity management, to national agricultural reporting, up to global assessment of cultivated crop extent in a timely manner.

The WorldCereal project has the following principal objectives:

  • to demonstrate the feasibility of global crop mapping at field scale based on open high resolution EO data such as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8;
  • to develop innovative and efficient open source EO methods and tools making full use of cloud computing capabilities for mapping the global extent of annual cropland and two of the major staple crops wheat and maize at a seasonal basis;
  • to build a collaborative approach to exchange with the agricultural community relevant in-situ data sets and disseminate the global crop mapping results in a transparent manner to showcase the utility of the WorldCereal products by conducting use case studies related to the GEOGLAM initiative and SDG reporting.

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