Invitation to Tender: “POLAR+”

In the last few years, ESA has initiated a significant number of activities in different areas of Polar and cryosphere science. These activities comprise scientific studies, development of applications, novel mission concept studies, and campaigns.

With the belief that it would had been extremely beneficial to establish a technical forum for all teams involved and ESA to present the work done, discuss opportunities and define potential ways forward, ESA organised a Polar Science Collocation Meeting that took place in ESRIN (Frascati), on 28-30 June 2017. As a result of the meeting, a report was drafted providing a number of recommendations to guide future ESA activities.

This project aims at addressing some of these recommendations.

In particular, Polar+ will cover four main priority areas on Polar research, where current EO technology may provide a key contribution:

  • Snow on sea ice
  • Antarctic Ice Shelves
  • Greenland Hydrology
  • Surface Mass Balance feasibility.

In this context, Polar+ aims at addressing these four topics through four separated and independent contracts.

With this activity ESA wants to maximize the scientific impact of current European EO capabilities (e.g., Cryosat, Sentinel series, Altika) also in combination with new non-European datasets (e.g., Icesat-2) to advance our understanding of the Polar regions and reinforce ESA contribution to the international scientific efforts on Polar research.This activity also contributes to the solid collaboration between ESA and the EC DG-RTD on Polar science. Coordination of these activities and existing and planned EC relevant projects will be mandatory.

Learn more about this Invitation To Tender on the EMITS page.


Featured image : Sentinel 1 image showing a giant iceberg calved off the front of the Amery Ice Shelf. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2019), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO